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Postnatal Home Visits

Discovery Home Care offers you quality home-based care services in the comfort of your home. Using the services of Discovery Home Care, members can receive care from a qualified midwife within a 6-week postnatal period and continue to live in the familiar surroundings of their homes.


Sr Hennelie Moller is one of the Homecare specialists authorised by Discovery Health. This service is completely free to Discovery members and is paid for from your maternity hospital benefit. As your midwife, she will obtain the necessary authorisation for you while you remain focused on your postpartum recovery and bonding with your newborn baby.

For clients that are not with Discovery, we offer postpartum home visits at affordable rates.

What to expect during a home visit?

A healthy cared for mom will be able to care for her baby, so assessing your physical and emotional health and wellbeing is paramount during a home visit.


We'll check your blood pressure and assess your post partum bleeding. We'll look to see how your wounds are healing and that your swollen feet are returning to their pre-pregnancy state.

We will also evaluate the health of your precious newborn. We will check your baby's weight gain, umbilical cord,  etc.

You will be supported with your breastfeeding as we can offer lactation support, correct your latch, positioning, and all talk you through the common challenges many breastfeeding mothers face. We will empower you with knowledge, share advice, and offer love and care. We can even assist you in working out a pumping schedule for your return to work after your maternity leave.

Mothers preferring not to breastfeed will be supported on their formula journey and advice and recommendations in this regard will be shared.

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