Antenatal Consultations

We offer antenatal consultations with a midwife in an inviting and loving environment.


We believe that every mother has the right to quality healthcare during their pregnancy, especially when they don't have a medical aid. 

At this stage, we do not offer sonography services, so mothers should still have their scans done at the recommended intervals in-between consultations with us. During a consult, we will assess your urine, blood pressure, and your emotional as well as physical wellbeing.


Sr. Hennelie will also assess your baby's growth and fetal heart rate during your consultation. If we identify risk factors, we will refer you to a doctor for further examination as we believe in practicing safe and responsible midwifery; your health and safety and that of your unborn baby will always come first.

Birth matters,
and I believe the way
a child is brought into
the world has an important
impact on the rest of a life.
Helping with that transition
is an honour.
Anjli A. Hinman
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Doula Maggie: (064) 169 4887
Midwife Hennelie: (084) 556 3034